Alexandra Burkeen

Alexandra Burkeen

My passion is solving complex puzzles. Whether that puzzle is coding or solving a layout issue, I am up for the challenge. I may not have a lot of professional experience in the design field but, I am eager to learn and grow.

Magic Conch

An experimental design idea with a project partner. Built a circuit, and programmed it to speak a random phrase or word when the button gets pressed.

taste plants

A kickstarter webpage designed to improve my skills as a web designer. A beginning website for a company called taste plants, an all natural, no sugar, mint.


Practicing how to build a brand for a fake company, using a variety of different animals, flowers, minerals, fruits, and vegetables. Created a scuba diving company with the vegetable endive. Looked at what a company might need to represent themselves efficiently.

White Flower Pattern

Created a repeating pattern for material design. Drawn in illustrator, made to go on materials like silk scarves and ties, shower curtains, chairs, and much more.

Itsy Bitsy Spider

An Illustration piece designed off of a children’s story called The Isty Bitsy Spider. A two page spread giving a glimpse into the design of the entire storybook.

Everyday Sexism

A motion design created using an audio clip, “Everyday Sexism”, as inspiration. This piece is a look into motion design and to see how I could grow and develop in different aspects of design.


A two page spread on a band called MUSE. Designed to be put into a magazine. This project was to help improve my skills with typography and layouts.

Cat Short

A motion piece designed to bring an illustration to life. Created a character that could have more than one face/expression and bring it to life. Here is a cat playing with a cat toy.

Pixie News

An animation piece using Adobe Character Animator. A non-kid friendly gossip news channel on Princess’s lives. This project helped to expand my knowledge on different Adobe programs.